Pre-paid Support

We now offer pre-paid support for Moneyworks tasks. You can buy support incidents in advance by clicking the link below. Each support incident costs USD35 and entitles you to up to one hour of help. Tasks we can undertake:

  • Reports, including custom reports or tweaking existing reports.
  • Forms Design: Designing invoice, payment forms etc.. Some of our recent work includes
    • Making a Moneyworks statement that calculates balances correctly for a previous date. (The inbuilt Moneyworks statement shows the current balance even if printed for an old date).
    • Adding the Debtor's current balance to an invoice form
    • Making a form that shows which invoices were paid with each cash receipt.
  • Chart of accounts design.
    • We have extensive experience with setting up accounts for NGOs and the like who required fund accounting (tracking each donor’s funds separately, as well as experience with various commercial
  • Remote support: All of our staff are licensed to use our Teamviewer remote support package. It allows us (with your permission) to control one of your computers, helping with getting Moneyworks running how you need it to. If you ask us nicely one of our network admin staff can also help with basic computer issues ;-)
  • Scripts that make the interface in Moneyworks behave in specific ways. For example. ** you might want the user1 field to look up the current exchange rate in an Excel spreadsheet. ** You might want the OK button in a transaction to be disabled until the user has entered a valid value in the analysis field.
    • You might want to only allow certain salespeople to be able to enter certain lines
    • You might want certain customers to have a special set of prices that are stored in Moneyworks, or stored externally in an Excel spreadsheet. ** All these things and more can be done with Moneyworks interface scripting * Import/export of data from/to other applications.
  • Custom applications that interact with Moneyworks. We design custom applications that interact with Moneyworks. Due to a large backlog of work in this area, we aren't actively looking for custom application development at the moment.
  • Filters that display only certain records in lists (these can be quite complex- for example we have filters to only show us current customers, or only customers who finished a support contract in the last month)
  • Using the Moneyworks command line interface to transfer data between applications (both Windows and Mac). We have developed a code module for use with 4D that we can use ourselves, and also sell to other developers.
  • Reports that update or create Moneyworks transactions. Moneyworks now allows you to create new transactions on the basis of the results of a report- this opens whole new vistas for what is possible with a report.
  • There are also ready-made reports available here Sometimes tweaking a ready-made report can be more efficient than starting from scratch.