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MoneyWorks Datacentre

boxdcMoneyWorks Datacentre is the ultimate accounting server software for hosting multiple accounts databases on a central server. It provides all the power, features and flexibility of MoneyWorks Gold (MoneyWorks Gold operates as the network client for Datacentre), while providing the convenience of non-stop server-based networking and easy accounts sharing for multiple companies simultaneously.

  • Server-installable service—Always on
  • Multi-user access to multiple accounting databases simultaneously and on-demand
  • Modern, fast network database server
  • Concurrent client-licensing—Install MoneyWorks Gold client software on as many workstations as you like
  • Automatic backup and archive
  • Automatic delivery of client software updates
  • Automatic delivery of custom forms and reports to clients
  • 100% compatible with MoneyWorks Gold databases
  • Cross-platform networking
  • Bonjour™ zero-configuration network browsing
  • Includes one full MoneyWorks Gold license. Base installation includes 3 concurrent client licenses. Add as many additional concurrent clients as you need with easy-to-install server license keys.

MoneyWorks Gold finds your Datacentre on your local network using Bonjour. When you connect, you choose which set of accounts you want to log in to.

MoneyWorks Gold

cashbook MoneyWorks Gold is an advanced multi-user capable, accounting solution for larger businesses with special accounting requirements. As well as all the features in MoneyWorks Express, it includes departmental (cost center) accounting, detailed inventory management, job costing with time sheets, and powerful report writing capabilities. And it's 100% cross platform between Mac and Windows.

Database power
You get a very powerful database providing incredibly easy ways to search, sort, and analyze your business data. The report writer enables you to extract the information you need, when you need it.

Easy expansion
MoneyWorks Gold comes with a single user license, but it's easy and affordable to add more users as your business expands. The network database engine provides incredibly fast network performance, even on mixed Macintosh-Windows networks.

Maximum flexibility
There are no arbitrary limits on the number of records (100,000 products, no problem). And because MoneyWorks interoperates with other systems, you can link it to custom front-ends developed in other databases and systems.

  • Multicurrency
  • Powerful report writer to design the custom reports you may require
  • Password protection with extensive, assignable privileges
  • Departmental Accounting: Departmentalised accounts provide powerful subledger capabilities, allowing departmental reporting and budgetting.

MoneyWorks Express

express MoneyWorks Express is the ideal solution for small organisations who need more than a cashbook. It provides full invoicing and a powerful debtors and creditors ledger, all fully integrated into the cashbook and general ledger.

MoneyWorks Express provides all the ease of use of MoneyWorks Cashbook plus the Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable functionality required by the larger business.

  • Cashbook and General Ledger
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Accounts Payable
  • Names Database and Contact Management
  • Product Database
  • Job Tracking
  • Custom Forms Design


Nepal Price List
MoneyWorks Datacentre (Multi User)
Concurrent Client License Rs 280,000
Each Concurrent Client License Rs 47,000
MoneyWorks (Single User)
MoneyWorks Gold Rs 84,000
MoneyWorks Express Rs 42,000
MoneyWorks Cashbook Free Subscription

Prices exclude VAT of 13%. A VAT invoice is always given.