MoneyWorks 9

MoneyWorks 9 is a major upgrade, laying the groundwork for the future with native support for the new Apple Silicon M1 processor, and full 64 bit for Windows.

MoneyWorks Services allow the automatic installation of opt-in modules, allowing you to choose additional features that you find useful.

  • Bank Feeds
  • Load the latest bank transactions directly into MoneyWorks, with optional automatic coding using auto-allocation rules.

  • Invoice Automation
  • Have supplier invoices and/or customer purchase orders directly entered into MoneyWorks with no re-keying.

  • e-invoicing
  • Send and receive invoices electronically using the international PEPPOL standard.

MoneyWorks Services are available on all appropriate MoneyWorks products (for example, e-invoicing is not available for Cashbook as Cashbook does not support invoicing). Additional services will be added over time.

The fully integrated asset register allows for the easy management of your assets, including acquisition, depreciation, revaluation and disposal. A comprehensive record of the events that affect each asset is maintained, allowing for better asset management.

  • Manage asset acquisition and disposal, with links back to corresponding accounting entry.
  • Monthly, quarterly or annual depreciation using straight line or diminishing value.
  • Revalue assets, automatically recording gains or impairment.
  • Maintain asset "groups", such as desks, chairs.
  • Record asset location, department and serial number, along with image.
  • Keep notes on events in the life of each asset.
  • Import asset information from other systems.
  • Asset categories simplify management of like assets.
  • Comprehensive reporting on assets and their history..

There are lots of little and not so little things in MoneyWorks 9 to make things more efficient for you.

  • Search in Preview
  • Just enter the text you want to find in the new search box on the report preview window and MoneyWorks will display all occurrences of it.

  • UI Scaling
  • For Windows users, scale up the MoneyWorks User Interface to make it bigger and easier to read.

  • Receipting Goods
  • Now you can receive non-inventoried (as well as inventoried) items on a Purchase Order before receiving the invoice.

  • EBITDA Reporting in P&L
  • GST/VAT Report drill-down available before finalisation step
  • Improvements to Cash Projection, Stock History Report, Statement of Cashflows
  • Insert line item anywhere in transaction/order by shift-clicking Add Line button
  • Add custom fields to detail lines (via script—see AppendColumnToStdEditList)
  • Select Printer dialog to make it easier to do page setups for the printer you intend (Windows)
  • MDI windows are composited on Windows for smoother updating
  • Scroll bar in mail message field
  • Copy and Paste custom column definitions between list views


Much more efficient and faster, support IPV6 and 64bit on both OS Mac & Win

  • IPv6 support
  • 64 bit on Windows as well as Mac
  • Improved logging
  • Clients optimise JPEGs before upload to server
  • Improved backup behaviour for servers with significant REST workloads
  • Serverside invoice rendering speeds up invoice production when invoice forms perform complex database lookups
  • Checkbox option to disable mDNS for servers that don't need/want it
  • Improved committed/available stock display performance


New scripting capabilities means more can be automated, faster!

  • Script Editor remembers the last selected script
  • Streamlined script editor search using search box
  • SMTP available from CLI
  • XMLWriter api (CreateXMLDoc, BeginXMLElement, AddXMLElement, EndXMLElement, FinaliseXMLDoc)
  • Built-in SendSMTPMail implementation
  • AppendColumnToStdEditList function to customise the standard transaction detail lines and timesheet lists with extra columns of your choosing
  • CreateArray(key_value, tuples) to populate an array as it is created
  • Pass initial window properties to ModalWindow/CreateWindow/CreateListWindow/ModalListWindow
  • NotifyChanged function
  • SetProgressMessage function
  • URLEncode improved and expanded to support mail encoding
  • Base64Encode supports line breaking
  • Curl_StrError function
  • TimeAdd function to add seconds to a DateTime
  • TimeDiff function to find the difference in seconds between two DateTimes
  • Regex_Search function to find the position of a pattern in a string
  • UpdateOrderLines function for programmatic processing of orders and linking to invoices
  • CLI restore command to restore backups of individual mwgz files or entire Backups directories
  • CLI archiveconf command to back up folder.conf files from an ASP Datacentre


Annual software maintenance is introduced on all products from version 9

Going forward, we intend to move to continuous delivery of improvements to the software, rather than big leap upgrades. In future we will be making more frequent, smaller upgrades, which will be accessible through the normal Help>Software Updates facility in MoneyWorks. This will help us (and you) take advantage of new technologies, and to meet the regulatory changes that are increasingly being imposed by various governments.

To cover the cost of these developments we are introducing an annual software maintenance fee for all MoneyWorks products, something that has worked very well for our MoneyWorks Datacentre users for over fifteen years. This is calculated at just 1% per month of the retail price of your MoneyWorks product, and is payable in advance after twelve months. By keeping current with maintenance, you will have access to continuous updates and improvements.

This is an optional charge—if you choose not to adopt it, you can remain on the version of MoneyWorks current at the time your maintenance expires, but will not have access to subsequent updates (until you catch up on your maintenance, which would keep accruing).


  • Mac 10.12 (Sierra) or later required
  • Windows Windows 7 or later required (Windows 10 recommended); 64 bit required for MoneyWorks Datacentre server host.

For more detailed requirements please see Systems Requirements


For more detailed information on changes in MoneyWorks 8, see the change notes